Peninsula College - University of Exeter

Peninsula College - University of Exeter

Jones Building Group carried out the full refurbishment of numerous rooms throughout the three floors of Peninsula College including new IT cabling, electrical installation, partitions, doors, decorations and floor finishes.

In order for all works to be completed within the pre-agreed timescale we had to continually monitor the logistical approach to the project to ensure all users were fully understanding of the intended decanting and re-occupational regime. Whilst all works were carried out in one phase the manner in which we proposed and agreed the critical paths of these works for the university, the design team and the end users in a collaborative manner was critical to the success of the project. 

During the scheme a mix of our own operatives and local Sub-Contractors from the local area were all utilised in the completion of these works. As referred to previously good communication with the University of Exeter, their design team and the end users at Peninsula College via regular team meetings was essential in pre-planning and co-ordinating the delivery of the works on time and within budget.

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