Incubator Hangar - Newquay Airport

Incubator Hangar - Newquay Airport

Our contracts team carried out the enabling works to allow the installation of the steel frame and insulated PVC cladding including the setting out and installation of the dwarf walls and holding down bolts within a +/- 3mm tolerance together with the required car parking, drainage, external works and mains facilities.

The project was split into three phases, which included the creation of a ‘Teardown area’ which is a space for aircraft to be broken down into salvageable parts, the main hangar enabling works and subsequent to the installation of the hangar fitting out of offices and workshops therein.

The works to the teardown area included creating bund walls and drainage that can be ‘bunged’ in line with the requirements of the Environment Agency and the installation of welfare and storage facilities. The main hangar works included the installation of new services, drainage and dwarf walls with ‘holding down bolts installed’ to allow the hangar to be connected to thereafter.

Once the hangar was complete we installed the office and workshop buildings within the area whilst completing the external works and additional welfare facilities. We believe that our co-ordination and collaborative approach with the project team and hangar installers created ‘added value’ to the project to ensure the successful completion and handover of the works, as required. 

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