Apprentice/Work Experience Commitment

Jones Building Group has an excellent record of training and developing its employees. We understand that people are the company's most valuable asset and how important it is for us all to have the right 'tools' to do the job effectively.

Whether we are providing work experience and job opportunities to residents or local people, we actively seek opportunities to provide added value to the community in all areas of our work. 

Named the 'Medium Employer of the Year' at the Grow Somerset Talent Awards 2017, Jones Building Group is looking to build on this success with the future intake of apprentices, helping tackle the skills shortage in the UK.

We not only encourage the concept of bringing staff on from apprentice through to Senior Management we embrace it as a way of thinking within the company. We are proactive in ensuring that our employees are well trained to do their job and that training is an ongoing and key part of their development within the company. We encourage our employees to keep training records and engage with their manager to ensure that their training needs are met throughout the year.

Take a look at our current job vacancies or if you are interested in applying for work experience or an apprenticeship, please contact us.

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