Marcus Fysh MP meets Jones Building Group Apprentices

Marcus Fysh MP meets Jones Building Group Apprentices

Saturday, March 18, 2017

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National Apprentice Week 2017 ran from 6-10 March and involved companies across the nation promoting apprenticeships and the valuable work that apprentices do. In Somerset, Yeovil Constituency MP Marcus Fysh joined local employer Jones Building Group to meet with some of the apprentices hard at work on a planned works contract for Yarlington Housing Group.

Marcus looked around three kitchens that Jones Building Group have been refitting for Yarlington residents, all at different stages of their refurbishment.

Nicola Telford, Marketing and Communications Manager at Jones Building Group, commented “we invited Marcus to meet some of our apprentices as part of National Apprentice Week.

“Marcus gladly accepted and instead of sitting around a table talking about the great work our apprentices do, we thought we would show him.

“Many of our apprentices work on a planned works contract for Yarlington Housing Group and the team and residents kindly allowed us to show Marcus three kitchens at different stages of their refurbishment.”

Ellie Sibley, Business Administration Apprentice, Jones Building Group added “we have been planning for National Apprentice Week since the beginning of the year.

“I have been heavily involved in the planning of the activity for the week and Marcus agreeing to meet us was a highlight.”

Marcus Fysh MP added “It was great to meet such a talented and enthusiastic group of apprentices from Jones Building Group and discuss how they got involved in apprenticeships. The kitchens they were installing in Yarlington Housing looked incredibly professional and the turnaround is incredibly short. The apprentices are learning such valuable and wide ranging skills with a fantastic company.

In 2015/16, there were more than 1300 apprenticeship start-ups in the Yeovil constituency, with over 400 being taken up in the first quarter of 2016/17 alone. This shows that the appetite for apprenticeships is high proving that they’re incredibly popular, not only to the apprentices themselves, but local businesses who train them up. These high numbers show what a respected and highly sought apprentices are and will continue to be.”

Marcus was joined by Chris Snell, Property Services Manager; Jerry Causer, Property Services Supervisor; Ellie Sibley, Business Administration Apprentice; Joleigh McCoy, Multi-skilled apprentice; Tom Davidge, recently qualified Plumbing apprentice; and Rob Barker representing Yarlington Housing Group.

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